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We are a specialized company in E-commerce Technology and Digital marketing solution.
We are providing our clients professional solutions for E-Commerce, Website Design, Social & digital advertising, and internet technology service; to help our clients achieve success in their work, we have been investing in research and development.
Our skills To Offer a new and easy E-commerce technology with a high-quality standards and our selected talented team to help you grow your business and to help you put your business and brand at the high level we try all the time to be unique in our Service that we offer and to introduce to you the new technology that helps you and help your business.


We will keep on top of today’s and tomorrow’s technology, no matter how fast it
moves, to ensure our Customers always have the best tools available to them.

  • Web development – We offer a great variety of professional services
  • Mobile app Development – will help you to spread your products through your mobile app
  • SEO/SEM – Experts of SEO team can help you
    with optimization of websites.
  • Brand Management – We Offer A Brand Design Solution
    That Specially designed to meet the needs of startup and small business companies
  • Aws cloud solution – We are offering great service of aws cloud
  • Long Term Maintenance – Maintenance contract for our Client 24/7 Support

Why SnapTec ?.

We know we are exceptionally good with more than 10 years of experience at what we do, we love producing top quality E-commerce websites & Applications and making our clients live more comfortable. We are genuinely passionate.

About the service we provide. So to help explain why we feel you should choose us

  • NEW Technology Implementation.
  • AWS Partner in the Middle East.

That we are work and pray for:

PRODUCT: We are dedicated to make E-commerce website, software& maintenance as our aim to help people share their products, ideas and service both in business & social on internet.

PROMOTION: We build applications to clients in disparate platforms: website, mobile apps, and desktop for a better promotion.

EDUCATE: Educating and inspiring Clients  Employees society for using our products with easy and convenient by seminar & training.

PRICE: Offer the best price by making customize price for every order with detail and comparable.

TUTORIAL: Provide a lot of tutorial with many topics about website, software, and internet marketing by article and video for public and clients

To be recognized us in E-Commerce Field as a leader in quality and value and as a critical component of corporate strategy, to be loved by our clients and staff, and play a critical role in E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Customer Satisfaction : We deliver customer satisfaction; we accept expanding of customer expectations and work hard to meet these expectations. We measure customer satisfaction by customer loyalty

Filling the Gaps : We take the responsibility of filling gaps, and work on finding applicable solutions for real problems, reaching guaranteed uniqueness.

New added values : No product without added values and no work is done without innovation. We work on producing like no other, transforming innovation into products

Success : We recognize that the foundation of our growth and success is making each and every client project a success

integrity Value : We value and expect integrity in all that we do


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